Our Values

At MGL Contractors we take as concerted an approach and as much care selecting all members of our team, as we do in choosing our business partners and subcontractors. Decades of combined experience in civil engineering contracting has taught us the value of working with the right people and the levels of success that can be achieved when everyone works together for a common purpose.

Our Differentiator Is Our People

That’s why we don’t believe in a culture of hierarchies. At MGL Contractors we believe that everyone – from plant operator to director – has equal status and each person knows that their value is vital in establishing ourselves as a high performing team that consistently delivers results.

Our MGL team values are for everyone to:

MGL Contractors truly believes in ‘harnessing the power of our people’ – engaging and collaborating with our own people, our customers’ people and the people of our business partners to deliver shared success for all.